Heathrow Express Announces Changes to Ticket Rules

Heathrow Express has announced a number of changes to the way their tickets work effective immediately. (For some odd reason the change was brought in on May 2, but they only emailed customers today!)

Up until now it was possible to use the tickets without being overly concerned about which direction you’d bought etc., However with the new policies in place that has changed.

They’re also erecting ticket barriers at the Heathrow stations.

The changes are due to the launch of a new train service, TFL Rail,  between Paddington and Heathrow terminals 2, 3 and 4, which will replace the existing Heathrow Connect service.

There is an upside, however, as they’ll start accepting Oyster cards and Contactless payments from September 2018 onwards.

You can read the full announcement here.

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