Air France Extends No Frills Service

airfrance-mini-faresAir France recently introduced a “no frills” service on many of its European routes.The airline is calling the fares “MiNi fares”

The fares are being pitched at travellers that travel without checked baggage and don’t want to earn frequent flier points via Air France’s Flying Blue.

So what’s the difference?

Compared to a standard fare they’re much cheaper, but they’re also restricted.

This means that Air France now offers three fare classes on their short haul European routes (excluding their economy vs business, though why anyone would pay for a business ticket for a short haul flight is beyond me):

Air France fare classes compared

If you only fly short haul in Europe and don’t care about frequent flier miles then the cost savings might bring Air France’s prices into line with some of the lower cost carriers.

However, if you’re not flying from one of Air France’s hubs, then the advantages might not be as attractive.


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