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Airlines Earn Nearly $30 Billion in Ancillary Revenue

Over the last few years many airlines have tweaked their business models. While they obviously still want to generate revenue from selling tickets for flights many have turned to ancillary sources of revenue to boost their bottom line. But how much are they earning? According to figures reported by CarTrawler airlines have earned close to $30 […]

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Air France Extends No Frills Service

Air France recently introduced a “no frills” service on many of its European routes.The airline is calling the fares “MiNi fares” The fares are being pitched at travellers that travel without checked baggage and don’t want to earn frequent flier points via Air France’s Flying Blue. So what’s the difference? Compared to a standard fare […]

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Wrinkle Free Packing?

If you travel for business then you probably have to pack suits, ties and nice shirts. And of course no matter how carefully you pack them you’ll probably end up getting them wrinkled. While some people are packing “ninjas”, most of us aren’t and end up having to resort to the ironing board in our […]

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