London City Airport Makes Travel A Pleasure

English: Main entrance to London City Airport ...

English: Main entrance to London City Airport and adjoining DLR station (sign visible on left) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

London City Airport (LCY) is one of the smaller airports serving the Greater London Area and is, as the name suggests, in the city.

Cityjet and several other airlines fly into LCY from Dublin and other European cities.

So what’s the airport like?

It’s small, but unlike a lot of small mainland European airports it’s size is an asset. While other small airports are pretty much devoid of any services, London City Airport has made its size and proximity to the city into its biggest asset.

If you’re flying in from Dublin, for example, you simply step off the plane and you’re in the baggage collection area immediately. Since the airport is so small there’s practically no delay from when the plane hits the tarmac and your baggage arrives on the conveyor belt.

Once you’re through customs etc., which when I passed through there about 10 days ago were practically non-existent, you can get out of the airport in a couple of minutes. The airport is on a direct line into the city via the London Docklands Light Railway. Alternatively there are a number of bus services from the airport as well as a taxi rank.

If you’re leaving from LCY the experience is painless. The departures area has a large bank of automated machines for printing boarding passes and if you need to check your bags there are ample counters available. Both on the public side and airside there’s a good selection of bars, restaurants and shops and you can get a proper meal before catching your flight.

They also offer free wifi throughout the airport.

All in all flying via London City Airport is an absolute pleasure and so much easier to deal with than the larger airports around London. The only downside is that due to its size there aren’t as many flights each day.

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