Sky Priority Now Available At Dublin Airport

Sky Priority has been rolling out across airports worldwide over the last year or so. Unfortunately it’s been quite patchy, with some airports offering a Sky Priority checkin desk and little else.

Dublin Airport, for example, was a total mess. Depending on the day of the week, the time of the day and whoever was on the checkin desk you might have got access to the lounge and the security fast track lane or you might not. You never knew what would happen.

Now, however, this appears to have been resolved.

This morning I was informed that simply showing my boarding pass with  Sky Priority on it would be enough to get me fast track security access and lounge access.

I’m delighted!

Fast track security saved me about 20 minutes of standing in a line this morning and will save me many hours over the coming months, as I often end up hitting Dublin airport during the peak early morning hours.

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